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And the experience was a textbook case of art imitating life.

"When I had my audition, Jonas said, 'As soon as I saw this bit about the porno clerk, I thought of you.' And I said, 'That's crazy, because before I joined Priest, I actually was a porno clerk.' When I told him, he practically fell off his chair." It wasn't the only happy coincidence, as Halford learned from a conversation with Rourke. ' " While Akerlund has directed music videos for Madonna, U2 and Moby, "Spun" will mark his cinematic debut.

As far as people I personally believe are gay (of course I could be wrong) and who I wish would come out: George Clooney I hope if Mr. ( Oddly enough, I called Portia de Rossi as a lesbian the very first time I ever saw her, in the (really, really bad) Hugh Grant movie, Sirens. The DJ's point was he shouldn't make that determination at 14, he should go sow some wild oats first. Clooney does ultimately come out, it's because he's caught with his tongue down Brad Pitt's throat...

The last two, if indeed gay, never will come out because they're too deeply entrenched in $cientology, which condemns homosexuality. And I guess it could have been the Pintauro kid, but I'm pretty sure it was JTT.

Led by charismatic singer Rob Halford aka “The Metal God,” the band wrote stadium-shaking anthems like “Breaking the Law,” “Living After Midnight” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.” In their nearly half-century career, the band has sold over 45 million records and rocked several generations of fans worldwide. Halford and “new guy” guitarist Richie Faulkner — who joined in 2011 — at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles to talk about sobriety, longevity and the future of Judas Priest. RF: There are challenges in life, and it was a great challenge to have. Since I was 15 years old in front of the mirror saying, “If I was in Priest, this is what I would do.” But in truth, I don’t remember any of it. Richie is very respectful to the songs that he plays from when [founding member] K.

Question: What made you get involved with Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp? It is very much an experience that brings a lot of skills and discoveries about yourself together. The situation I was getting into, I knew what it stood for to me and to millions of people around the world. The second show there was a point where I stood back.

" rather than "Who were you most surprised to find out is gay? You'd have to be a pretty big asshole to deny being gay, do the cover of The Advocate, then come out years later. I always thought those rumors were a kind of wish fulfillment fantasy from the gay community. As for me, I was surprised that David Hyde Pierce was gay (although he never had that "out of the closet" moment). He's been married for almost four years and has a kid with his Playboy Playmate wife.

RH: We can look at each other and say, “How cool is this?! Because it’s very easy for someone to knock you off. And also learning something about yourself as a musician.

According to Law360.com, JUDAS PRIEST lead singer Rob Halford, other PRIEST members, and the band's management team have reached a settlement with Rob's longtime manager John Baxter in a breach-of-contract suit.

Halford, his PRIEST bandmates and the group management team were sued by Baxter to the tune of around million.

Rolling Stone reported that Baxter's suit, which can be found as a PDF document at this location, alleged "fraud, breach of contract, and intentional interference with contractual relations." Shortly after Halford fired Baxter in August 2012, Baxter claimed that he realized that the PRIEST frontman owed him millions due to "contract breaches, including failure to pay commissions, salary and expenses dating back to 1992." He said that Halford misled him by saying that he was unable to pay Baxter the monies owed him, but promised to do so when he had the money at hand. (Your actions have) placed an intolerable strain upon our clients' ability to maintain constructive and professional relations with the remaining members of JUDAS PRIEST and their representatives at this crucial time." Baxter's lawyer Barry K. JUDAS PRIEST was coming to an end and the JUDAS PRIEST people wanted to engage Halford in his solo endeavor and to continue to have a relationship with him which was not possible with Baxter in the middle.