Updating squeezecenter on readynas duo

Stream audio files to a Squeezebox network music player, stream over your local network to i Tunes or stream music over the Internet from a remote location to an MP3 software player such as Soft Squeeze. Download and install the RAIDar program from the Ready NAS website (link in Resources).

Run the program, which will search the local area network for the Ready NAS device and launch the administrative setup page.

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To perform a clean install of Squeeze Center on your Ready NAS, try the following: --Prepare by Gathering Necessary Files-- Download the following files from the Ready NAS & Squeezebox download pages: There are two variants - the Pro/NX and the NV/NV /Duo.

Check the box next to Squeeze Center to enable it and click "Apply." Steve Mc Donnell's experience running businesses and launching companies complements his technical expertise in information, technology and human resources.

--Remove Previous Version of Squeeze Center (or Slimserver) and Install New Version-- On the Admin page, go to Services Local tab. Click on Browse and browse to the folder you stored the files in earlier. Select the Squeezecenter 7.3.3 file and click on "Upload and verify image..." 5.

Once the upload is finished, click on "Perform System Update". Once the update is finished, go to the Shutdown tab and select "Shutdown and reboot your device", then click Apply.

I know that I should probably really ask this on the Ready NAS forums, but people here seem pretty knowledgeable, and also I'm not registered on the RN forums...

I seem to have screwed up my Ready NAS NV I have a standard Ready NAS NV , bought about 3 months ago, with 1Gb RAM and 2x500Gb drives.