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Elsewhere in the villa however things were no different - with reunited couple Amber and Kem going at it on the sofa, mere metres away from sleeping couple Jonny and Tyla.The pair's romp followed their reconciliation, which saw both admit they were still in love with each other, despite pairing off with newcomers during Sunday night's dramatic recoupling.Wrapping up the sexy display on the episode were long-standing couple Olivia and Chris, who indulged in a steamy tryst from the comfort of their own bed.The blonde beauty was no doubt spurred on by Chris' flirtations - after he informed her he felt 'lucky' to be with such a 'beautiful girl', leading Olivia to admit she 'fancied him badly'.She died when Dolin was young, so he and his father grew close.“I know two things in life,” he says, “that I’m going to die, and that my father loves me unconditionally.” Dolin extended that same compassion he had always received from his father to the young soldier.Please do not abuse the records you will get from the system.

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