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The NFL will become you just as it became each of us who came before.I feel excited for you—for the best and strongest of yourself that you will find in the brokenness of who you were before.The birthing ground of some of the world’s most recognised elite players, Hockey NSW focuses not just on high performance but also on ensuring that every player is part of the tight-knit community that comes with playing hockey, regardless of age or ability.Our Business Refer to the Hockey NSW Strategic Plan 2015-2018, which reinforces the Board's commitment to a sound structure and clear objectives for the success of the sport as well as defining Core Values of the organisation in its dealings with Members.Dating back to the Greek classical era, field hockey remains one of the world’s oldest team sports.Hurling, the sport played during the Greek classical era, closely resembled the modern sport.Our vision is for Hockey NSW to be the leader on and off the field.

However, there are many other differences as well, including the number of players needed to play, where each originated, the equipment used and the length of the game. -The ball must be passed or moved around the field using the stick.

However, field hockey received its name in fourteenth century England.

It also is recognized as one of the oldest college sports in America.

Women can be real, express fears, doubts, and dreams without the fear of judgmental media or friends from outside of the game who may assume that because your husband is in the NFL, your problems and concerns are no longer valid.

Most NFL wives know that money in the bank is not the answer to happiness, that they need women who understand their lives so they can better understand themselves.