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Nevertheless, the company making it seems to be framing the app as a helpful stepping-stone toward real engagement with the opposite sex.VR Travel Friend Communications Officer Margaret Ming said: “We want to allow more people to try out what it’s like to date a girl, because there are a lot of Otakus who don’t know how to communicate with girls.” She also claimed that the app “can teach them how to get to know girls,” citing the game’s opportunity to flirt as one of the methods employed.Along the way, they will have the chance to wine and dine their virtual attendant at cafes, hot springs, and karaoke bars.The target audience is “otaku,” a typically disparaging term for those socially awkward (mostly) males who are obsessed with manga, video games, and anime. If you’re not going to get into a relationship with any of these women, why are you going out, getting numbers, going on dates, and hooking up with them? ” It’s a strong question, and I’ll give you the most honest answer I can.For some of us less fortunate, less attractive, less naturally charming people, that didn’t happen. I would often zone out and daydream about how seductive I was.

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