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They could have even gone on double dates — Jon and Ygritte, Sam and Gilly.[] Yes! Something that I loved about that scene with Gilly was that you saw a different side of Ygritte, that she's not always ruthless or vicious, or always focused on making Jon Snow pay for the hurt.

The inhabitants of this township are, as a whole, in good circumstances financially, and their condition of life at the present tells the story of past thrift and providence.-- speak of thrift, intelligence and unflinching industry.The township includes quite a large population, representatives of various nationalities.“A Season for Miracles” stars Carla Gugino (“Chicago Hope”) as Emilie Dalton, whose sister Berry (nice work in a small role from Laura Dern) has been locked up in a jail hospital ward on a drug charge.It isn’t Berry’s first time; she’s been an addict for most of her adult life, relegating her grade-school-age kids J. (Evan Sabara) and Alanna (Mae Whitman) to a bleak life of homeless shelters and spotty schooling.