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====================================================================== 6TH TARGET: A WOMEN' S MURDER CLUB MYSTERY Author: PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947- S/P/V: Some sex; Heavy profanity; Some violence Reading level: Adult Series: WOMENS MURDER CLUB 6 LB 07255 1 volume in 1 container San Francisco.Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. Soviet KGB operatives on a relentless search for a top-secret NATO memorandum containing information on strategic forces in Europe reach a stunning conclusion as an English- man, under cover, attempts to counter the Russian plan. ====================================================================== AIRS ABOVE THE GROUND Author: STEWART, MARY, 1916-2014 S/P/V: None Reading level: Adult LB 00927 1 volume in 1 container This romantic suspense tale is set in Austria, home of the superbly trained Lipizzaner horses. ====================================================================== ALIAS GRACE Author: ATWOOD, MARGARET, 1939- S/P/V: Heavy sex; Heavy violence Reading level: Adult LB 04538 1 volume in 1 container A fictional portrait of Grace Marks, a sixteen-year-old Canadian domestic who was convicted in the murder of her employer and his mistress in 1843. ====================================================================== ALIBI Author: BROWN, SANDRA, 1948- S/P/V: Heavy sex; Some profanity; Reading level: Adult LB 04661 1 volume in 1 container The day a wealthy businessman is murdered, Charleston assistant D. Hammond Cross is having sex with a woman he just met. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex.

The day after that, students at Fayetteville State Teachers College and at Johnson C.

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If the Navy was a core part of my husband's identity, my professional life was a core part of mine.

My ex seemed perfectly supportive of this arrangement, at first.