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Emmett Cullen: [cracks his knuckles and scoffs] Please. [smiles and laughs] Alice Cullen: [watching Bella walk in high heels] Um, well you just have to break them in.

Jacob Black: [smirks] That it's just looking for someone to sink it's teeth into. Bella, I hope you've got enough sleep these last 18 years 'cause you won't be getting anymore for a while.

Emmett Cullen: [Bella is learning to shield Edward and both are screwing up] Dude, your not motivating her!

Edward Cullen: [Glares at him and gives a sigh] You want to try?

"I thought I was the only woman in the world who was my age and was just obsessed with books," she said. Hansen is just one of the thousands of women around the world who have gotten caught up in the vampire frenzy.

While they resemble the youthful, squealing "Twilight" fans on occasion -- Kellan Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen in the films, admitted some of the mail he gets from older fans makes him blush -- they're still not the typical fan girls.

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[to everyone] Edward Cullen: Jacob just had an idea.

Edward Cullen: [to Jacob] I think you may be right.

"I was absolutely worried that something was wrong with me," the Utah mother of two said.

"I just couldn't put it down -- I was obsessed completely." She picked up the first of Stephenie Meyer's vampire novels -- recommended by a teen neighbor -- with few expectations.