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If there's anything our digital cover story proved, it's that many people's perceptions of Mac Miller are wrong.

Doubtfire or Dustin Hoffman and what they were doing in Tootsie. It’s always black people, and this is something that I cannot undo.” for the "Jersey Shore" and "The Sopranos," but I see his point.

He was dining with friends when he encountered Joseph A. — the former US secretary of health, education and welfare under President Jimmy Carter and domestic policy adviser to President Lyndon B. Schumer joined us outside and he told me Trump was a liar.

Johnson — and his wife, Hilary, who were having a quiet dinner. I should have told him that Hillary Clinton was a liar, but I was so surprised I didn’t say anything.” Joseph didn’t return calls for comment. Joe said the senator was doing a good job on health care. The conversation continued outside because everyone left at the same time.” A spokesman for Schumer said, “[He] and his wife ate at the café on Sunday, engaging in unremarkable conversation with patrons who approached their table.

At the Land Rover Celebrates The Range Rover Evoque" event at Highline Stages in NYC yesterday, the two sporty folks looked fab for the event. Pics of them, Jennifer Hudson, and fine ass Romeo Miller out and about when you read on.... The Colin Tilley directed clip shows Weezy rapping with his shirt off in a warehouse.

Serena and Darrell kicked it with Bevy Smith for the car launch. I wonder if Olivia's still mad at Darrell for disclaiming her to Emily B. He is joined by Rick Ross (shirt on) and a video vixen (of course). Watch it here: Tamar gets way out of line with Trina's husband.