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In this respect – we cannot guarantee full disclosure by the GBGB of ALL dogs involved in incidents due the inconsistency of the way results are recorded from track to track – so in essence there may be many more incidents that we have been unable to identify.

In 2016 the racing industry failed to account for over 10,000 greyhounds bred for British racing - 85% of which are bred in the Republic of Ireland - despite much of the data collected by them via the GBGB Retirement Form.

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Elaborate brought up wanted to get president and tour dating of this long and messing.Greyhounds are sentient creatures – not disposable gambling chips and the public have a right to know their whereabouts.We’ve opened a petition at that will go to The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs.The database at our sister site – – contains details of greyhounds involved in track incidents where a dog either Did Not Finish (DNF) – Finished at a Distance (DIS) or Finished Lame for all GBGB licensed tracks from 2005 to 2014.The information has been gathered over a period of 4 years from various websites that publish racing results but we have only published data that can be verified via a link to the GBGB website.