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The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said it will boycott a questionnaire circulated by the Union law commission that asked for public opinion on a and said India’s plurality of cultures had to be respected.“All communities have different customs and traditions. It’s a dangerous idea to treat them with a single yardstick.We oppose this,” Maulana Wali Rehmani, a Muslim leader said.

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(PTI Photo)An influential Muslim body said on Thursday the central government was creating an “internal war” by trying to scrap Islamic personal laws, reigniting the debate around one of India’s most contentious issues.

The marriage certificate shall be attached with the photos of both the man and the woman, and be affixed with the special seal (made of steel) for marriage registration of the people's government at the county level or above which handles the registration of marriage between Chinese and foreign nationals. If a Chinese citizen and a foreigner request a divorce in China, they shall, in accordance with the pertinent provisions of "The Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China (for Trial Implementation)," file a divorce suit with the appropriate People's Court.

Those who wish to resume marriage relationship shall go through the same registration procedures as those for marriage. Chinese citizens and foreigners who apply for marriage registration shall pay for the cost of marriage certificates and also pay a registration service charge.

In addition, both the man and the woman applying for marriage registration shall also present the pre-marital health check-up report signed and issued by a hospital designated by the marriage registration department. The following Chinese citizens shall not be permitted to marry foreigners: (1) army men in active service, diplomatic personnel, public security personnel, confidential personnel, and other personnel who are in charge of important confidential work; (2) persons who are receiving reeducation through labor or serving a sentence. Chinese citizens and foreigners, who hold all the required certificates and accord with these Provisions, may present their certificates and photos to the marriage registration department and make an application.

The marriage registration department, after examining the application and confirming through investigation that the application conforms to the Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China and to these Provisions, shall give the applicants the permission to register, and to go through the registration procedures within 1 month; and then the marriage registration department shall issue the marriage certificate to them.