Carbon dating doubts

The sites were easily defended, sheltered, and gave immediate access to the sea.

These camps would be of great importance to the Vikings during their raids of Ireland, which included attacks on many churches and monasteries located on the coast of Ireland.

A year after a series of test trenches were dug on the site, the results from radio-carbon dating have finally put to rest any doubts as to the validity of the 2010 discovery.

Dr Ned Kelly stated that Linn Duachaill is enormously important because it is of the very earliest period of Viking settlement in Ireland.

That is because the swelling volume of carbon pumped into the atmosphere from factory and power station chimneys and motor and airline exhausts is beginning to artificially “age” the planet’s atmosphere and bedevil attempts to use the technology known as carbon dating.

If emissions continue under the now-notorious “business as usual” scenario, then by 2050 a brand-new cotton shirt will have the same radiocarbon-dating age as the cloak worn by William the Conqueror when he invaded Britain in 1066.

Radiocarbon dating is a 70-year-old technique now used with increasing precision to date anything once alive from the last 50,000 years.

Surely it was easier to have faith in the past compared to now, is our generation therefore going to get a greater reward given that all these things go against us?

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The longphort was essential in establishing the presence of the Vikings during these attacks which could last for an extended period of time.

Linn Duachaill was built in 841 AD, the same time as the settlement of Dúbh Linn, today’s Dublin.