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This decline has occurred despite the fact that Briggs’ revenue has grown by 40% and its invested capital has grown by 271% over this timeframe.

While Briggs’ revenue is up 1% on trailing 12-month (TTM) basis, this is not surprising due to the company’s acquisition of Allmand Brothers in the second half of 2014.

0 - Plain Bearing/DU Non-Flange Mount1 - Plain Bearing Flange Mounting2 - Sleeve Bearing Flange Mounting Splash Lube 3 - Ball Bearing Flange Mouting Splash Lube4 - Ball Bearing Flange Mounting Pressure Lubrication on Horizontal Shaft 5 - Plain Bearing Gear Reduction (6 to 1) CW Rotation Flange Mounting6 - Plain Bearing Gear Reduction (6 to 1) CCW Rotation 7 - Plain Bearing Pressure Lubrication on Vertical Shaft8 - Plain Bearing Auxiliary Drive (PTO) Perpendicular to Crankshaft 9 - Plain Bearing Auxiliary Drive Parallel to Crankshaft0 - Without Starter1 - Rope Starter2 - Rewind Starter3 - Electric Starter Only 110V Gear Drive 4 - Electric Starter/110V Gear Drive with Alternator5 - Electric Starter Only 12V Gear Drive6 - Alternator Only 7 - Electric Starter 12V Gear Drive with Alternator8 - Vertical Pull Starter or Side Pull Starter 9 - Mechanical Starter A - Electric Starter/12V Gear Drive with Alternator & Inverter TYPE:1234-01 The type number identifies the engine mechanical parts, color of paint, decals, governed speed and Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The code number identifies the assembly date of the engine.

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Briggs & Stratton recently hosted the Vanguard 810 Optimum Tour to introduce their new 810cc Vanguard engine designed to meet the needs of landscape contractors.Check out this week’s Danger Zone interview with Chuck Jaffe of Money Life and Market Briggs and Stratton (BGG) is the world’s largest producer of air-cooled engines for outdoor equipment.The company’s subsidiary, Briggs and Stratton Power Group, also manufactures Briggs and Stratton branded power equipment such as generators.While investors have been busy paying attention to the company’s EPS, they have been ignoring two realities: that Briggs has become significantly less profitable as its stock price has risen, and that the company’s management team has failed consistently on several counts.