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‘Fallen Empires’, their sixth studio album, broke new ground for the band.

“We decided that we wanted to make a record unlike any other we've made before” says singer Gary Lightbody.

Alison purrs sweetly over a swaying melody that successfully combines the bluegrass instrumentation of her own music with the exotic percussion and strings of Plant’s recent recordings.

Their rocky rendition of The Everly Brothers’ “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” is another highlight, thanks in part to producer T Bone Burnett’s 6-string bass.

Their albums have been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, Grammys and MTV Europe Music Awards, with ‘Final Straw’ landing them an Ivor Novello Award in 2005.

By anyone’s standards, it's been a pretty good century so far.

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Our recommended gig has connections to Monday's programme, however. We played their awesome track 'Upside' last night just like we played it all those times back in the day.

Raising Sand is a collaboration between former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and bluegrass darling Alison Krauss.

This impressive collection is unusual – both because of the pair’s seeming contradictory musical traditions and also in the strange and lovely amalgam of their styles.

'I felt I wanted to focus on her compassion and humanitarian values and I admired the fact that she did not shirk the responsibility and took her decision based on her own conviction, with no consideration of the political fall-out.' So how exactly did he set about reproducing those smokey blue eyes and that candid face?

'I studied photographs and viewed film footage and I looked back through my own archive to remind myself of how light works on people’s faces.' Davidson submitted his completed portrait of Merkel on time in the form of a high resolution digital image.