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Sonically, it's too abrasive to have been subsumed into the pop canon in the way that much American metal has been; culturally, the music has never enjoyed a post-ironic reappraisal (unless you count the Darkness, and Maiden T-shirts being sold in Urban Outfitters).

Whereas everyone from Kiss to Van Halen has become cultural shorthand for the good times of 80s excess, if the likes of Saxon and Diamond Head are shorthand for anything, it's "blokes with dreadful teeth throwing round bottles of piss".

Now that they are in the groove this will manifest, and the Lions will really have to up their attitude and aptitude to stay even close to the masters of this game.

The match itself was a live essay in assessing skill.

In 1984, he joined Windsor Village United Methodist Church, a small-but-growing Houston congregation, and eventually established five choirs with a total membership of 600.

He served there until 2001, helping Windsor become the denomination's largest congregation.

Simplicity of thought and honesty of effort are the cornerstones of their success.

Today Chatfield is the chairman of two of the most dynamic of Australia's new generation of companies - Virgin Australia, locked in a do-or-die battle of the skies with Qantas, and Seek Ltd, the country's largest online job site.

During his ten years at Toll, Chatfield and his boss, chief executive Paul Little, successfully negotiated their way through a corporate minefield of legislation, the high profile takeover of Patrick Corporation, a forced demerger, and the continuous scutiny of regulators, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

However in 2008 Chatfield suddenly stunned the financial media with the news that he was resigning as Toll's CFO and executive director.

BBC4 documentary Heavy Metal Britannia offers an affectionate look back to a time when the leather-clad likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon became Top Of The Pops regulars.

But what forces forged the unique alloy that is British metal? It is its own World Of Warcraft." As the octave-leaping frontman of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson is well qualified to talk about these things.