Cheap phone chat lines

The company is aiming to expand who LINE users can contact within its app service.An interesting feature is that on smartphones, it will appear as if it's simply a normal phone call -- we saw a demonstration of how incoming calls would appear on an i Phone and (as you'll see after the break), it looks identical.New customers can order up to five lines of service in one transaction. At this time, existing customers can only add one line at a time by signing in to My Account. Mobile calls range from 4 cents through to 15 cents per minute.

Line notes that only half of Japanese cellphone owners have smartphones -- the rest are still using basic feature phones.The Japanese messaging service is launching a new data-based call service that attempts to undercut the voice-call pricing on typical land-lines and mobile carriers.With a pay-as-you-go and 30-day plan both outlined at the company's showcase event, it's scheduled to launch this March in Japan, US, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and the Philippines.As you can see from the diagram that Line has published listing pricing for the service, it looks like China will soon be turned on as well.Prices for landline calls start at 2 cents per minute (the US, Mexico, Peru, Spain and China when it comes on there get this cheaper rate) and progress up to 12 cents per minute (that’s in the Philippines).