Bipolar sex

Sara was twenty-seven, and what people used to call a wag: smart, quick-witted, encyclopedic.She could recount every failed Everest expedition in mesmerizing detail -- the sort of a talent I would expect of a rock climber, not someone who'd never gone camping. Then I found out."There's something you should know about me," she said, a couple of hours into the date. I tried to remember if I'd sipped from her drink."I'm bipolar," she said."Good," I replied.It is not unusual to have a heightened sense of sexuality during a manic episode.

Hypersexual behavior may express itself in a variety of ways, such as: It can be hard to distinctly describe or define hypersexuality, because the behaviors tend to vary in content and degree, but a person with bipolar disorder finds his or her usual sexual interests to be greatly heightened during this period.

Marty was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder in the spring of his junior year in college.

The symptoms had emerged during adolescence, but it wasn’t until a particularly startling manic episode that Marty’s doctor knew his depression was more than unipolar (i.e., clinical depression by itself).

Many of us experience it, and it is time to be proactive about our sexual challenges and educate those around us.

Hypersexuality (Mania) Hypersexuality is a term that means someone is excessively interested or involved in sexual activity.